Chocolate Lava Cake

有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎 :)My friends visited me yesterday specially to try out my bakes :D In order not to disappoint them, I spent a few days reading up recipes and planning what to bake :D

After checking with them what they like, I realized that the ladies are chocolate lovers (then again, which gal isn't? haha). I saw this Chocolate Lava Cake recipe from NoobCook's blog and it looks really tempting. The recipe is simple and the steps are not complicated :D My favorite kind of recipe hehe. I love it when I don't even need to bring out my electric handheld mixer :)

I did a trial batch one day ahead, and the cake was moist but the lava did not flow. I baked them for 10mins and that was perhaps too long for the small batch (3 5cm-diameter cupcake cases). So yesterday, I baked the original portion in NoobCook's recipe (in the 6 cupcake cases) for 8mns, but the batter was too runny :p I put the cakes back into the oven and bake for another 5mins.

The ladies brought B&J vanilla ice cream and strawberries to go with the lava cake. And I managed to make the lava flow better this time :D

My friend took the photo below, doesn't the lava cake look like the Japanese pancake in this photo? :D The cake received thumbs-up from all my 3 friends, as well as my kid, niece and hubby. It is a great pleasure seeing them enjoying my bakes :)

This is really a lovely dessert to serve the guests :)

It was a cosy catch-up with my friends who were my ex-colleagues. I think I can see the side effects of my previous job in this post - Gather user requirements, analyze and plan, integration test, user acceptance test, and finally, the users sign-off :D Check out NoobCook's blog and try this out! Your guests will love it :)


  1. Thanks for trying out the recipes from my site. Your presentation looks really good :)

  2. Thanks noobcook for always sharing great recipes! :) looking forward to try out more recipes on your blog :)


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