Honey Joys

When I saw this recipe on Noobcook's blog, I know I got to make these :D It looks really simple - minimum efforts, maximum returns, wow! Thanks Noobcook for sharing the recipe! :)

My sis bought a tub of honey joys last week. It turns out that my hubby really likes this :D I have been complaining that he hardly wants to try my bakes, but he enjoys cookies other people baked. So last night, he asked me to bake this honey joys. And I did today! Ha!

This tastes great and if you really want to do last minute CNY baking, I highly recommend this recipe ;) Do check out Noobcook's blog :)

Looks like my CNY baking adventure this year will end here.... or maybe not, as the cornflakes cookies I baked is almost gone, and I only managed to make one tub for a friend. Hope you are having fun baking too!

Happy Chinese New Year!


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