I was going to make the cream puff from the same book 甜点新手零失败教室 I borrowed from NLB. The book title gave me the confidence, "zero failure" wow! nice! :)

As usual I surf through the net to look at the different recipes on cream puff. I stumbled upon this Profiteroles recipe from Eugeniekitchen. I am thankful that she put up a video on this. It is really helpful to watch a video on exactly how the profiteroles were made. Eugenie looks very slim despite being so good at baking, I'm impressed! :) Back to the profiteroles, it is actually choux pastry, with whipped cream and/or fruits sandwiched between the pastry. Hop over to look at Eugenie's video, it is very detailed and her profiteroles look so pretty :)

I had some problem piping as I am still not very good at it :D But the shells turn out yummy! :) The shapes were a bit funny, this will need some brush up on my piping skills :)

After the baking is done, slice the profiteroles into half and you will see that it is hollow inside. There is absolutely no problem with that :D You can put in fillings such as whipped cream, fruits, custard, or ice-cream :) I recalled eating profiteroles stuffed with ice-cream during my Taiwan trip last December, it was really yummy! They were being sold out of a cute van in Shifen.

Cute van in Shifen
I sandwiched them with vanilla ice-cream, and it melted very fast under this hot weather. Seriously, this 35 degree celcius temperature in SG is getting unbearable. It is no wonder I find myself eating more ice-cream these days :p

Give it a try! You will be surprised how straightforward this recipe is :) No mixer is required :D


  1. My husband was in Singapore and he told me how hot it was. I said it's nice to be able to eat frozen treats all year around. :D Your profiteroles (I don't think I can remember this name. hehee) look delicious!

    1. Thanks Nami! :) Just remember "profit", then you will remember the name hehe :)
      Yes super hot, I felt like I was walking in an oven ~_~''


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