Chocolate Torte - Happy Father's Day!

 Happy Father's Day!

Last Friday, I baked this Chocolate Torte for Father's day. Well, actually it was another excuse for the kids and ladies at home to feast on cakes :D The kids and ladies enjoyed the cake most in the end haha :D

Knowing that most of the kids prefer chocolate cakes, I decided to bake a chocolate cake, but I wanted to take the chance to try a new recipe. Initially, I wanted to bake a Chocolate Sponge Cake, but I do not have any whipping cream at home to frost the cake. And the weather was too hot for me to want to walk to the supermarket just to get one. The weather in Singapore has been crazy, it has been 34-35 degree celcius for the past few days and no rain. Is this a sign of global warming?

Anyway, back to the cake. This Chocolate Torte recipe on HHB's blog caught my eye because it does not need any frosting :) Thanks HHB! I always count on HHB's blog whenever I ran out of ideas. The best part is most of the cakes use a 7" pan, which is the only round pan I have :D There are just so many stuff to buy for baking :p

Thank you HHB for the easy-to-follow recipe :) The original recipe is here. I replaced some ingredients based on what I have on hand:

150g Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips (yum!)
100g unsalted butter
3 egg yolks
20g golden granulated sugar
30g Top flour
15g Hershey's unsweetened natural cocoa powder

3 egg whites
40g golden granulated sugar

icing sugar for dusting

The texture of this torte is very soft and chocolaty. The temperature of my oven was fluctuating up and down during the baking, so I checked the torte at 30mins and it was done (inserted toothpick showed few loose crumbs). Since my previous experience with my over-baked chocolate gataeu, I am careful this time.

The torte was quickly snapped up by the kids and ladies at home. I think chocolate cake is really the safest bet when I am baking for them :D But interestingly, my eldest niece greeted me when I arrived saying that the cream puff is yummy! Then, she moved on to "remind" me that I have not baked strawberries tart for a while, "because it is very tedious", hahaha ok I got your message, Cassie :)

As a side topic, thanks to my hubby, last night I got to watch 五月天 'live' at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The fans were fairly young - mostly teenagers to people in their early 30s, thus, they were all very enthusiastic! For all the concerts that we have been to, this is the first time I see everybody holding up their glow sticks and wave them in unison with the music! Many also stood up to dance. 这才叫看演唱会!:) This is probably the only time I got this "high" outside of my Zumba class with my favorite instructor Erich :D

To all the fathers who worked so very hard to provide for their families, sometimes sacrificing their  bonding time with their kids, 辛苦你了!


  1. Beautiful chocolate torte! My kids always prefer chocolate cake over most of cakes (there are few exceptions). Looks moist and delicious!

  2. Thanks Nami! :) I have not been baking much lately, need some inspiration :p Hope u r well :)


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