Crunchy Chocolate Chips Cookies - One piece is not enough!

It's been a while since I last baked cookies. The other day, my niece offered me a piece of chocolate chip cookie, I was expecting it to be crunchy - no special reason but because that has always been my ideal kind of cookie :D but it turned out to be soft :p After that, I could not stop thinking about crunchy cookie. The only way is to bake them myself :)

Thanks to this recipe shared by Dodol & Mochi. This is exactly the kind of crunchy cookie I love. You know how some cafes serve a tiny cookie next to a cup of coffee or tea? :D I always think that one piece is not enough to go with my coffee :D Finally, I can have 2 or 3 or more pieces of cookie to go along with my tea on a lazy afternoon :)

Happy baking!


  1. Oh these chocolate chip cookies look so good! I just purchased 3 dozens of chocolate chip cookies for school fundraising but I know homemade cookies are the best. Me too, I love crunchy/cripsy cookies! <3

  2. Thanks Nami! :) My daughter has requested me to bake cookies as her birthday goodies bags for her classmate. With my small oven, I think I have to bake maybe 13 batches :D

  3. One piece is definitely not enough, haha!!
    I love this cruncky cookies too
    Gonna bake for my kid for school children day lol ^^


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