Kabocha Squash Chiffon Cake (Rice Flour)

When it comes to baking, I can't procrastinate for too long, because I may never do it. Maybe it's the same when I faced other issues in life :D Been wanting to challenge chiffon cake or sponge cake again, but never gathered enough courage. Every chiffon cake baking is stressful for me - check the oven temperature, make sure all ingredients are measured correctly before I start work, separate the eggs carefully and ensure all bowls are clean and dry, etc etc. There are a lot of planning and preparations to be done. Unlike baking muffins, where little preparation is required.

I googled around for new recipes to try. Noticed that some recipes do not use milk, not sure why? In the end, I went back to the previous recipe I used, which is from Happy Flour. I replaced the thick coconut milk with low-fat fresh milk. This recipe is meant for a 20cm tube pan, but I only own a 12.5cm tube pan :p So I poured 2/3 of batter into this, and grabbed the nearest pan I could reached, which resulted in a funny looking cake, see photo at the end of this post for a laugh :D

And guess what? I used up the plain flour yesterday, which is an opportunity for me to try baking with rice flour :) Ever since I saw teacher Carol's gluten-free chiffon cupcake, I have been wanting to try it. So this cake is gluten-free, I guess? :)

Oh no, the cake did not shrink - I poured the leftover batter into my paper chiffon cake mould which was too big!

The look of this cake tickles me, it is so funny looking :D But surprisingly this tastes soft and spongy too.


  1. Kabocha chiffon cake! Now that's a new flavor for me! I'd love to taste this cake. :)

    1. Thanks Nami for dropping by :) It's very flavorful. You will love it :)


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