Cocoa Brownie with Chocolate Ganache

Happy Birthday to my eldest sis! I am compelled to bake a birthday cake for her, as I remember baking my first strawberry shortcake for her birthday as well :) Thanks to her encouragement (she said she has confidence in me) and belief in my baking skills :D Deeply appreciated. Sometimes, a word of encouragement gives one courage which can last for a long long time. Let us remind ourselves to be generous in giving compliments to the people around us.

I used this recipe again, and added a very simple chocolate ganache (melted chocolate chips + some milk). This time, I combined dutch processed cocoa with this Cadbury cocoa powder which I bought from Australia. I am not sure if it is dutch processed or not, but from the lighter brownish color, I suspect it is not dutch processed.

Thanks to Smitten Kitchen for this easy and delicious recipe :)