First decorated cake!

I did it!!! I have never imagined myself to be able to do this! :) After 2 failed sponge cake attempts, 1 successful sponge cake, I managed to complete the Japanese strawberry shortcake finally! THANKS to Happy Home Baker's clear instructions! :)

I finally figured out that my 2 failed sponge cake attempts are due to my old oven. The temperature was totally unstable >_<" I said goodbye to my old 18" Tefal oven and hello to my new 19" Europac oven last month. I got it at a really good price at about $65 during Courts sale :D

Here is the recipe from Happy Home Baking. I followed the recipe and sifted the flour 3 times, and again when I added into the egg mixture. I followed very closely to her recipe, except I reduced the sugar to 60g. After watching a demo video on YouTube, I followed the method of putting some hot water under the mixing bowl when mixing the eggs and sugar. This seems to help the batter reached double its volume. Instead of non-dairy whipped cream, I used the dairy whipping cream, which is available from NTUC Fairprice.

As this is the first time I tried to decorate a cake, you can see that the frosting is really messy :p I will need more practice on that.

I baked this for my sis's birthday. Taste wise, I think it is not soft enough, I really like the texture of soft strawberry shortcake like the ones from Four Leaves and Jones the Grocer. I guess I will need more practice :p Practice makes perfect, if I can bake a Japanese strawberry shortcake, so can you! :)