Another Birthday Cake - Double Chocolate Brownie

This "order" from my sister was received last month, following the delivery of my first order for my eldest sis's birthday. My family has been very supportive on my baking adventure :D haha. It is a hazardous job to be the food taster for my bakes, I can only thank them by ensuring that my bakes are healthier than store-bought bakes.

I baked these brownies 1 day ahead of the birthday celebration as I have read and agreed that chocolate brownies taste better after a day. I am not sure why :p Found this easy-to-follow recipe from My Cooking Hut on Food-4Tots . Thanks to Leemei for sharing the recipe :) These ladies are amazing - their blogs are so professionally done up :) and the photographs of their bakes look so appetizing.

The recipes I pick are usually easy, minimum hassle (especially recipes which do not require mixer / food processor) and fast. I was so into bread making for a few weeks, but I have grown lazy now haha. But I have learned one thing from the process of bread making - I finally understand why all (almost all) parents hope for their kids to have more education than them. With better education, we are better equipped to jobs in the office environment. Kneading the bread dough in a hot kitchen when the temperature outside is 30 to 33 degree Celsius is quite an experience. It is possibly equivalent to a workout at the gym.

Anyway, back to this birthday brownie. My sister requested for a chocolate brownie. Preferably in cups (so no need to cut after blowing the candles. Now you know where my lazy habits come from, it runs in the family haha). I decided to try baking this recipe in a 8 inch square pan. I did not use white chocolates, so you can't call this a triple chocolate brownie. I did quite a few adjustments. Please refer to the original recipe for the triple chocolate brownie.

150g unsalted butter
200g Cadbury Gold Dark Chocolate, break into small pieces
85g caster sugar
1/2  tsp vanilla paste
3 medium-size eggs
75g plain flour, sifted
200g semi-sweet chocolate chips

1. Place butter and dark chocolate in a heat-proof bowl. Melt the mixture over a pot of simmering water.
2. Once the mixture has melted, remove the bowl from heat.
3. Add sugar a little at a time, stiring the mixture with a wire whisk until well mixed.
4. Add vanilla paste to the mixture.
5. Add the eggs one at a time and continue stiring.
6. Add the plain flour to the mixture and mix well using a spatula.
7. Add chocolate chips to the mixture.
8. Pour the mixture into the square pan lined with aluminum foil or baking sheet.
9. Bake at preheated oven at 180 160 degree celsius for 30 mins. The brownie is done when a toothpick inserted into it comes out with a few moist crumbs.
10. Cool the brownie on a wire rack.

I did a simple garnache for this brownie to make it look more presentable :D After all, it is for a birthday. You can melt your favorite eating dark chocolate, mix in some fresh milk until the garnache reaches the consistency you want. I used only about 100g dark chocolate to frost the top of this 8 inch brownie. You can freeze the left over in the fridge and it can be eaten later as snack :D Remember, eat in moderation.

Just spread the chocolate over the brownie using a spoon / knife.

The brownie tasted just a tart too sweet for me. I would reduce the sugar further if I bake it next time. The texture is moist and just a little bit fudgy.

Hope you enjoy this brownie as much as my family did :)