CNY Peanuts Cookies

After my maiden attempt on pineapple tarts, I continued with more adventure - it's peanut cookies this morning! I have been reading the recipe from Food 4 Tots over and over again. Thank you for sharing this detailed recipe! I always appreciate bloggers who took the pain to write down the steps in detail, and she even included step-by-step photos - really helpful to newbies like me. I am grateful :)

I followed her steps very closely. After the failed pineapple tarts, I don't want to repeat history. I used a straw to make pattern for the first batch of cookies, and the tip of a chopstick for the second batch. As I am experimenting this, I halved the recipe from Food 4 Tots. One useful tips she provided is to dilute the egg yolk wash. I did not do that for the pineapple tarts, no wonder it looked ugly haha. So, remember to dilute the egg yolk with 2 teaspoon of milk or water.

My girl ate 3-4 cookies in a row, I guess she agrees to me that this bake is successful :)

Will continue with my adventure in CNY cookies baking :D Happy baking!