Pineapple tarts.. yes, again! :D

This is my 3rd pineapple cookies baking attempt, 5th batch! :D Oh my gosh, I think this suits me more, I am simply not good at the open pineapple tarts :p When the dough is too soft, the dough sticks to the mould; when the dough is too hard (chill in fridge), the ridges won't show! arghhh.. haha. So I decided to do the "wrapped" kind of pineapple tarts. So this is it!

A big THANK YOU to SSB for sharing her recipe :)  I am grateful :)

Check out my 2nd bake yesterday... it is ugly @%*()... :p

26 January 2013, Saturday

As I made small batches each time, I still have leftover pineapple paste. I made the open tart this morning using's recipe. Thank you AnnCoo for sharing her recipe. I told myself that this will be my last test on open tart this year, I just wanted to try using a different recipe to see if the cookies will hold its shape better. It is slightly easier to work with this dough, although it was still tricky to work with. My hubby, after much of my persuasion, finally tried them. His verdict is that the closed tart is nice and I should stick to it :p He always gives me his honest feedback (no give face :p).

Hope you are enjoying baking cny cookies too. For me, I will give myself a break from baking pineapple tarts this year :p

4th attempt, I don't think I will try this again this year :p


  1. I'm glad you like it. I also always have problems with the open tarts. So I prefer this too!

  2. Hi, good attempt trying the pineapples for more than 2 times. Salute to you! For un-moulding the open tarts, did you dust some flour on the mould? If you find the dough is too sticky to handle, you can place the dough in the fridge for a while. Personally I prefer the close-up tarts.

    1. Thanks Ann for the tips! I think I really cannot make it for the open tarts :p I didn't dust on the mould except on the first try, I did put in the fridge though *sweat* I have to stick with the close-up ones :p


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