Cranberry Scones

Last night I read up on some recipes on breakfast.

I saw this recipe from HHB's blog which I bookmarked last year. I did experimented on this recipe before and the result was actually quite good. But my girl doesn't not fancy cranberries, so I recalled I finished all the scones. For some reason, scones always remind me of English Hi-tea - imagine sipping Earl Grey tea while enjoying the warm scones spread with butter or jam :) I decided that scones shall be my breakfast today :D

HHB's recipe can be found here. Her tips are really useful and detailed :) The buttery aroma filled the kitchen and living room while the scones were baking in the oven. It's interesting how the small amount of butter can actually "produces" such strong buttery aroma :)

I cut the scones into wedges - haha, saved the step of taking out my cookie cutter :) I forgot to add a pinch of salt and that actually makes some difference as I enjoyed the scones. Although mine did not tower high like HHB's, but I love the crunchy top :)

I've just made a batch of dough with chocolate chips and kept them in the fridge. Following HHB's suggestion - will bake it tomorrow morning for my daughter :) I hope she will like them :)


  1. One of my favorite scones are always cranberry scone! I can't imagine the homemade ones, just out of the oven.... must be so delicious! They look perfect too! :)

    1. Thanks Nami! They are not so difficult to make, so there is really no need to pay so much at the cafe for them :p

  2. i also gathered a lot of tips from HHB's site when i made my first scones. yes, it's always so delicious to eat with butter and some jam. Those scones of yours looking wonderful!


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