Konnyaku Jelly - Festive Colors

Firstly, pardon me for the poor image quality. It has been raining all day today, the sky was grey so I had to turn on the spot light at my dinning table to take photos of the konnyaku jelly.

This is my 3rd time making konnyaku jelly, but the first time in these pretty konnyaku jelly moulds :D Someone gave me these old jelly moulds and I was indeed very happy to receive them, as I could not find them in Fairprice, Cold Storage, or Japan Home. I read on someone's blog that it's available in Phoon Huat, but I was too lazy to make a trip there :p

These pretty jelly moulds make the jelly look so much yummier :D I saw this recipe from No-Frills Recipes some time ago, and had been wanting to make it :D The combination of honey citron tea (or Yuja in Korean, Yuzu in Japanese) with chewy konnyaku jelly is just so tempting :p

I've also seen a lot of recipes using fresh fruits, such as fatboo. The colors of the fruits made the jelly look so pretty!

After many rounds of cookies baking, making konnyaku jelly is a nice change :D and it's really easy.

I divided the konnyaku jelly power (I used the Red man pre-mix konnyaku jelly with citric acid) into 2 portions - and made these 2 variations. The honey citron tea is very refreshing. I bought it from a Korean supermarket @Square2 a few weeks ago. I read that it is a good flu and cold remedy.

My kid and nieces love the jelly, mostly because they are attracted to the pretty shapes hehe. I really like the one made with honey citron tea, it is sweet and sour, with a little hint of bitter. I'll definitely want to make these again :)

Why not make some for CNY? After all the heaty cookies, these jellies will certainly help to cool your system down :D


  1. I love these jellies, so pretty and festive :)
    Have a blessed Chinese Lunar New Year!

  2. Thanks Ann! Happy Chinese New Year to you & your family too :)
    新年快乐! :)

  3. hi, i love the last 2 pictures =) please share the recipe on how to get the slightly beige tint and the lovely rose color. i spot some strawberries and ??

    thank you!

    1. Hi Pansy, Thanks for your message! :) I think the beige tint was there because I accidentally mixed a bit of honey citron tea (>_<)" hehe, good eyes there :)


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