Happy Sweet Potatoes

Check out the surface of the inner pot

Moments after I turned off the flame.


Alamak, so easy? really?!
For the past few days I caught the Happy Call bug from nobody :p I think I read from some blogs on Happy Call pan recipes and sort of recalled that it helps make cooking easier. I really need that kinda help in cooking, haha.

So I went on to start my research... I spent 2-3 days watching the Happy Call or Kitchen Art videos I could find, and reading as many forums as I could :p I believe this Happy Call pan has been around for quite a few years. But what interest me is not the 2-sided pan, rather, the alumite pot. The 2-sided pan looks too troublesome for me, the cleaning and the flipping, and I read that it can be quite heavy when one tries to flip it. But the pot looks magical - no oil needed during cooking - wow.. really?? If it is, I will be so happy! :)

As I continued with my research on the internet, many people warned about imitations, yet many still purchase from Gmarket. I decided not to take the risk, so I decided to buy from stores instead. I saw that Courts was selling at $59 for the 20cm pot (it says it's on Sale), and I went to check out at NTUC Xtra today, it is selling at $59 too (hmm..). Anyway, I happily went ahead to pay. First thing I tried is sweet potatoes :) I tried baking sweet potatoes in my oven, but it took 1 hour (or more), and yet the inside of the sweet potato was still not cooked through. I saw on one of the video which shows that sweet potatoes and pumpkins were placed inside the pot, and covered and cooked (with no water or oil!). Is this possible? I had to try that. So I did. While the sweet potatoes were cooking inside the pot without water or oil, honestly I was quite worried that it might explode, hehe.. call me silly :D I am glad it didn't. And after cooking in low fire for 35 mins, they are done. Check out the photos I took. Amazing isn't it?