Chocolate Cupcakes

I hesitated about loading this photo as the cream I piped looks kinda awful :p It is my maiden attempt and it's good fun :D Will need more practice there.

It was my niece's birthday 2 days ago, and I promised to make her cupcakes. She and my girl love whipped cream, unlike my other nieces. I hardly use whipping cream on top of my cakes as it is fattening. But cupcakes look so beautiful when decorated with whipped cream, and I just got to try at least once ;)

Thanks to Un Pastiche for sharing the One-bowl Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes recipe. The recipe looks fairly easy. The recipe should yield 6-9 standard cups, I believe it is for cups with 2.5cm diameter. I misunderstood and used the 5cm diameter cups, and was only able to fill 6 cups (half-filled). Knowing that this is definitely not enough for my nieces and all, I made another batch of cupcakes. It was an opportunity for me to try another recipe :D hehe.

I followed a recipe found on The Cupcake Book 641.8653 DRA-[COO], which I borrowed from the National Library. I saw a similar recipe for Molten-centered Chocolate Cupcakes on Nasi Lemak Lover's blog too.

The One-bowl Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes turned out to be some what similar to the Chocolate Lava cake I made last month. I am not sure if I've got the texture correct, as it was not crumbly. This was a hit with my nieces.

The molten cake was a bit too dry because i kept them in the fridge for about 6-7 hours after piping. Actually it was my mistake as i should not frost it. It is supposed to be served warm and the chocolate in the middle of the cupcake is supposed to melt after baking :p

For the frosting, I pour the cold whipping cream into my mini chopper and pulse for 2-3mins. I finally got to use the disposable piping bag I bought from Phoon Huat last year :D the piping was messy but it was a lot of fun. I watched a few demonstration videos on YouTube beforehand. But of course it is more difficult when I tried hands on.

Although I am not so much a fan of whipped cream, I will want to try piping again as it is so fun! :D