Back by popular demand..

.. demand from my nieces :p They seem to really love the strawberries tart I made the other day, and have been asking me to bake more :D I didn't expect the tart to be their favorite item, as it was the first time I attempted. It is always a great feeling to see them enjoying my bakes :)

Last week I made them the Nutella version with bananas, it saved me from making the custard :D I almost burnt the custard the last time :p My girl ate the Nutella tart without bananas, she is not very adventurous with fruits, although I hope that slowly, she will learn to love the many types of fruits available :)

While my nieces were eating the Nutella Banana tart, one of them requested the mango version, with custard. They are getting more precise in their orders now haha :)

For the very first time, my niece, who is 15 now, welcomed me when I reached her house the other day (after she ate the strawberries tart I made). She usually hides in her room, hugging her iPad or book. And, wow, she actually pulled herself out of her room and welcomed me that day. The first thing she said was "Did Ah Yi bring any food?" hahaha :D She told me how much she likes the crust of the tart. Seeing how eager she was, I agreed to bake her more :)

I followed the same recipe for crust and custard, except this time, I topped the tart with Thai Honey Mango, which is in season now :)

This tart crust recipe is a keeper :)

Let's see if my niece welcomes me after she eats this mango tart... :p