Chiffon Cake Again!

Since my last Matcha Chiffon Cupcake attempt, I had been wanting to try baking chiffon cake again. It is better to try asap as the not-so-successful attempt is still fresh in my mind. I decided to follow HHB's Mango Chiffon Cupcake recipe closely, especially the bake time. Yesterday I was itching to bake this, but as we were out almost all day, I couldn't. So this morning, as soon as I woke up and washed up, I dashed into the kitchen and started working.

Preparing the cupcakes didn't pose much issue, as I have tried baking chiffon cupcakes (using another recipe from Nasi Lemak Lover) last Friday, to experiment and check that cupcakes are baked thoroughly.

My family and me don't really fancy whipped cream, so I only put a little bit on top of the cupcakes. As I did not have mango flavored yogurt, I skipped that and used only whipping cream (125g) and mango puree (40g), and 2 tsp of icing sugar.

Taste wise, the sweetness is just right. The cake is soft and moist. Initially I thought they will be dry as I baked them for a further 5-10mins at around 160 degree celcius, as the toothpick that I inserted into the cupcake came out a little wet.

My girl does not like mango so she only had 2 bites of the cupcakes. She said the cupcake is nice but she doesn't like mango :p

Thanks HHB for sharing this recipe! I like the light texture, made me feel less guilty :)

I agree with HHB that baking is really fun! Baking is fun and can be addictive, as I keep wanting to bake more :p I think I have to hit the gym more next week to work off some calories :D

One of the cupcakes cracked and sunk, but it looked kinda cute :D

The "hole" on the cupcake is my doing, when I inserted a chopstick into it to test if the cupcake are done :p

My "no-heart" pipping :D I just wanna get over and done with, opps :p