Happy Mother's Day!

Unconditional love, selflessness, endurance.. kinda relate to what a Mother is. Happy Mother's Day to all the loving mothers!

Being a mother in this new age is not easy at all.. I am getting sentimental today :p 

I baked Matcha Sponge Cupcakes for my mom last Friday to celebrate Mother's day. For some reason, the top of the cupcakes were a bit wet, although I checked that they were already cooked (toothpick inserted came out clean). But the taste and texture were alright.

Today, I decided to bake something easier for my mother-in-law. I came across Min's Fondant Marble Chocolate Cupcakes recipe some time ago, I was very impressed that she was able to bake 100 cupcakes, including decorating with fondant! I did fondant before and it is really a lot of work. I also saw the original recipe (without fondant) from Nasi Lemak Lover. I had all ingredients and waited no more to bake these.

I like the easy steps of putting all ingredients except melted chocolate, and mix using a handheld mixer :) You may want to use a spatula to lightly mix the ingredients before turning on the mixer, cos the flour will splatter all over if you don't (happened to silly me! :p).

I skipped the fondant to save work and time :p

Thanks to Min and Nasi Lemak Lover for sharing this easy recipe :)

Marble cupcakes

The darker cousins :D

I thought they look cool in this shade