Cream Puffs

This is the only photo I managed to take of the cream puffs I made today :p As I was rushing out :p

I split up the work today - made the pastry cream, baked the choux, and assembled separately due to my awkward schedule today.

Yesterday, my niece asked if I baked when I went to their house. Thus, I happily started searching for a good recipe and baked today :)

Last Friday I wanted to bake this as my friend requested for profiteroles. But I wanted to bake her a birthday cake, and also profiteroles don't taste as good the next day as compared to eating on the same day that they are baked.

After thinking about profiteroles for a week, I decided to bake profiteroles and stuff them with pastry cream today. I used the same profiteroles recipe from Eugenie Kitchen. I am not sure if profiteroles, choux and cream puff are the same thing, but the recipe I saw on Cooking with Dog looks similar to this recipe. The Joy of Baking also uses a similar recipe. I watched all 3 videos several times before starting to bake, it is the gan cheong me at work :D I enjoy watching the 3 ladies baked, especially Cooking with Dog. It amazed me that Francis the dog was able to keep still throughout, watching its chef cooks :)

For the pastry cream, I went back to the custard recipe used previously for my strawberry tart. I think the recipes are more or less the same, so I chose what's easier for me :)

The choux (or cream puff shell) is not crunchy like the one I saw on Cooking with Dog. I wonder if it is because I left the puffs in the fridge for some time. The choux is soft, and matches well with the pastry cream. The pastry cream actually tasted like ice cream as I kept in the fridge for about 9 hours. I sneaked in some strawberries in some of the puffs - as I was rushing :p Good things cannot be rushed, I must remind myself :p

I would like to try baking these again to achieve the crunchy shell.  My oven temperature was unstable during the baking. Maybe that's the reason? :p

My kid loves the cream puffs. I have been wanting to make her favorite chocolate eclair for her, I hope this is close to that :p Shall try that next time.

Happy baking! :)