Chocolate Chips Steamed Cupcakes (Mushi pan)

It has been a while since I updated this blog :p Past month has been busy, and also, I think I lost my momentum in baking then.

2 weeks ago I baked some matcha sponge cupcakes, using both warm eggs and cold eggs methods after I read Sonia's tests. Her results look interesting. I think the latter method yields sponge cakes with less air pockets.

Last Sunday, I wanted to try something new, so I finally baked some chocolate chips steamed cake (or mushipan). I read Nami's posts on steamed cakes long time ago and had been wanting to try, but I did not have ramekins for steaming then. So now that I had purchased the silicone cups, I am able to finally try. I used rice cooker for steaming for this round. Nami's recipe is easy to follow. It's great that I didn't have to pull out my handheld mixer :)

I checked the cakes after 8mins, but I wasn't sure if it is done as the toothpick which I inserted into the cake came out watery. It may be the melted chocolate chips :p I steamed it for a further 5 mins. The cupcakes turned out very soft and fluffy. Pardon my not-so-nice photo. I think next time I will use the wok for steaming cakes as the cupcakes rose quite high and stuck to the cover of my rice cooker :D haha.

Thanks Nami, for this easy and yummy recipe :) I will love to try the matcha version soon :)