Chocolate Snowskin Mooncake

Chocolate snowskin with lotus seeds paste + chocolate chips filling

This will possibly be my last batch of mooncakes this year. It has been a wonderful experience making mooncake. This is the first time I make mooncake and I am glad that my family and friends like some of them. Not all of the moonies I made are popular. So far, I received the best review for the Taiwanese Style Mooncake, which is very unique and yummy.

As this is the first time I make mooncake, I wasn't confident enough to give away to friends. I gave my good friend some pandan snowskin mooncakes and the Taiwanese Style mooncakes last week. Two days ago, I finally found enough courage to make some Chocolate Snowskin Mooncakes for my Zumba instructor and gym friends. I did not have any mooncake boxes to hold them, so I used muffin liner and cookie plastic bag to hold them. I spent more time packaging them rather than making them :p

Mooncakes for gym friends

One of the ladies at my gym sent me a message that night to tell me that she enjoyed eating the mooncake despite the fact that she does not like snowskin mooncake, as she often find them too sweet. I am happy that she liked the mooncake :)

Chocolate snowskin with lotus seed paste + diced almond filling

The recipe for this chocolate snowskin mooncake can be found here. Thank you to Precious Moments for sharing this delicious recipe :) I first saw the recipe from I Love. I Cook. I Bake.

Here's the recipe, I made very little modifications according to the ingredients I have onhand. Please hop over to Precious Moments for the original recipe.

Adapted from Precious Moments

- 130g water
- 50g melted chocolate (I used Cadbury Dark Gold 70%)
- 10g cocoa powder
- 64g fried glutinous rice flour
- around 50g icing sugar (can't remember exactly how much I used)
- 9g extra virgin & sunflower oil

- stored-bought lotus seeds paste
- mini chocolate chips
- diced almond (toasted)

For the filling, I added chocolate chips to one batch of the store-bought lotus seed paste, and diced almond to another batch. I toasted the diced almond briefly before using, which gave a nice crunch to the mooncake.

I have enjoyed and learned so much about making mooncakes this year, thanks to the many mummies out there who share their recipes.