Matcha Rolled Cake (Swiss Roll)

My first rolled cake!

Hi everybody, my name is Baking Scientist. Today I am going to make Matcha Rolled Cake (^v^) hehe.. Do you like Cooking with Dog? I simply love to watch their videos. It's amazing that the dog is able to sit still throughout the time its master is cooking - so cute! :D Same time, the step-by-step video is perfect for beginners in baking like me :)

My not-so-pretty rolled cake
This is the my first rolled cake! I saw this video perhaps a year ago, but that time I only owned a 19 inch toaster oven, which was not big enough to fit a pan of this size. I upgraded my oven recently to a built-in one, and the universal pan size was about 30x35cm, a bit too big for this recipe, but I just couldn't wait to try :p That perhaps explains why my rolled cake is kind of thin :p nevertheless, the cake is very tasty :) I followed the recipe and method very closely. As expected, I was not able to roll the cake nicely - since I was not able to roll sushi or kimbap properly either :p

Today is the last day of school of the year for my girl, and we are both very happy - she is free to play all she wants, for now, and I will not need to nag at her (to remind her to study, check her work, reprimand her when she made repetitive careless mistakes, etc.). I am someone who really hates nagging, so this school holiday break is a good break for me too :)

Happy school holidays & happy baking! :)


  1. Hate nagging???
    Dont nagging lor, hahaha!!
    Today also the last day of school for my sons
    but tomorrow need to attend school for award session lol.

    1. haha.. but not choice leh. Nowadays I wasn't sure if I was talking to a wall - no answer when I asked her questions, so I had to repeat, n repeat.. :p
      Wow he must have done well in school? Tmr is also award day, but only top 3 in class need to attend :p


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