Matcha Rolled Cake (with Strawberries filling) & Oreo Cheesecake

My friend saw my posting on Matcha Rolled Cake and messaged me immediately to book a date to come down to my home to try :D I think the photo must have looked pretty good. I customized the rolled cake for her as she does not fancy Azuki beans. After cracking my head and researching online for about a week, I decided to go with strawberries. Strawberries with matcha is perhaps the safest bet.

Using the same recipe from Cooking with Dog, I attempted the rolled cake once again this morning. I should probably take out the cake sooner (I took out after 18 mins) as my pan is bigger than the one stated in the recipe (thus, thinner batter). The matcha cake looks a bit more brownish as I compare it with the photos of the previous one I made. This time, I did not roll it as nice as the previous one - the filling looks a bit "loose".

I wanted to bake one more cake for her and another friend who were visiting together. My friend likes Tiramisu and cheesecake. I did some homework on tiramisu, but decided that it is too complex for my level of skill :D So I made Oreo cheesecake bars instead. Thanks to Ann from Anncoo for sharing this recipe. It is easy to follow. For the chocolate ganache, I used 70g whipping cream and 140g Ghiradeli semisweet chocolate chips. My presentation did no justice to this cake - the ganache looks funny sitting on top of the cheesecake. I think I should've spread it out using a spatula, instead of cutting the cheesecake first :p We all learn from mistakes, I guess :)

My two friends analyzed with me on the matcha rolled cake, we think it is a little too dry and perhaps a little more whipped cream will balance it up. Or I may have to get a baking pan that is of the same size as the one used in Cooking with Dog. Nevertheless, they like the strawberries as filling as it tasted refreshing.

The cheesecake was well received. It was actually not very heavy, as only one block of cream cheese was being used. They suggested that maybe the 100g natural yogurt helped made it less cheesy.

It was a nice catch up over tea and cakes, and their feedback will help me improve in my baking :) They were my ex colleagues, and it is interesting that my baking interest has helped me stay connected with many of them.

I must give credit to my friend who was the photographer of the day :)