Matcha Rolled Cake with Azuki Beans 2

It's been raining in Singapore lately. It's actually quite nice as the rain cools the sunny island down. We only get to enjoy cool weather (< 30 degC) this time of the year.

One of my nieces is interested in baking and came over to my place to "borrow" my kitchen a few times now :D I am happy to share what I have learned so far. One evening after baking, I asked her if baking is tiring (because it is for me), and she said it's not. I was surprised with her answer and quickly realized that she was not tired because I had been the one doing all the washing! :D Thus, I told her that I would let her do everything next time, including washing :D This is important so she will realize that it is in fact quite tiring to work in the kitchen, especially in our kind of weather!

After gym today, I baked the Matcha Rolled Cake again. I finally purchased a new 35 x 24 cm baking pan 2 days ago at Phoon Huat, just to make this :p In my previous 2 attempts at baking the rolled cake, the cake layer was too dry and thin. This time, the cake layer turned out perfect (well, almost :D), just the right thickness, and thus softer. There is a Chinese saying 工欲善其事,必先利其器, our ancestors were indeed wise :) For the best result, always follow the recipe closely, including the size of the pan. Which is also why I seldom risk changing the pan size or recalculate the ingredients to fit my baking pan myself. This is a task for an experienced homebaker or an experienced professional patissier :)

I followed the same recipe previously, the Cooking With Dog's recipe. Some of my nieces are not a fan of azuki beans, so after this, I will attempt a chocolate version - hopefully, it will taste as good as this :)

Happy rolling! :)


  1. 我们现在都幸福了
    有种“前人种树,后人乘凉”的感觉咧 呵呵!!

    1. 你说的很对!只要打开电脑,就有好多食谱,太棒了! :)


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