Cornflakes Cookies with a little twist

Have you tried baking with buckwheat flour? Actually, I have been reading up on buckwheat flour but only tried baking with it yesterday. Apparently, buckwheat is very good for our bodies. It is gluten-free, and is suitable for people who always feel bloated, like me :p Buckwheat is also rich in flavonoids, and may contribute to blood sugar control. Please refer to this site where I got this info from.

I wasn't sure if I could replace the self-raising flour completely with buckwheat flour, so I replaced 50g, since it's the first time I am experimenting with it. The color of the cornflakes cookies changed to grey/brown. Texture wise, the batter was stickier, and the inside of the cookie is crumbly.

Here's the recipe I followed, a tweak from the previous recipe I used. Thanks to Simply June for sharing again :) This is my go-to recipe for cornflakes cookies :)

- 100g unsalted butter
- 50g organic buckwheat flour
- 75g self-raising flour
- 1 tbsp corn flour
- 1/2 tsp vanilla paste
- 1 medium egg
- 100g cornflakes, crushed lightly
- 90g demerara sugar

Will be reading up more on the usage of buckwheat flour in baking :)

This is a great CNY cookies recipe too. Since earlier this month, I've started "tasting" pineapple tarts (made by my sis's colleague, very buttery and melt-in-the-mouth kind!), almond cookies (sis bought it), peanuts cookies, etc.. There are so many varieties of CNY goodies out there, so colorful and tempting! :D Just don't lose your head there :D Gentle reminder: as you feast on the CNY goodies, do drink more water and continue with your exercise routine :)

** Updated: My daughter said that the cookie is nice, but my husband said that the inside is too soft to his liking.


  1. This sounds like a great CNY cookie recipe! Yeah I've heard of buckwheat flour often too, and I only have eaten buckwheat which is in soba form... I love those crunchy confrlake texture outside. It's a good contract soft inside and somewhat little crunchy outside.

    1. Thanks Nami! :) I think there are many health benefits of buckwheat :) I love soba too :)


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