More tarts!

M-I-C-K-E-Y... :D

I had been quite lax in updating this blog :p Here's the tarts I made last week for my family. My nieces and daughter are a fan of this tart crust, which I have made many times. This time, I topped the tart with grapes, which are in abundance at the supermarket now (and my fridge :D). The girls enjoyed the tarts - especially the crust and the custard. This time, I used 200g of the unbleached all-purpose flour and 50g corn flour. The result is also a crunchy crust :) The rest of the recipe remains unchanged.

I filled another tart crust with bananas.

And finally, the third one with chocolate shavings. This is hard work as I manually shaved the chocolate bar using a fruit peeler.

Here's my nieces' request - simply crust and custard only!