Samgak Gimbap - the easier way of wrapping

Very innovative design. The plastic keeps the seaweed crisp.
Our trip to Seoul has been very fruitful :D I found these individually wrapped seaweed easily at Lotte Mart. I could not find this in the local or Korean supermarkets here in Singapore. Maybe it is always out-of-stock? Anyway, this seeweed has made packing samgak gimbap for my girl such a breeze. Check out Maangchi's video on Samgak Gimbap for steps on how to wrap it, as well as correct way of unwrapping it :D You may think it's funny but it can become a mess if you unwrap it in your own way :D

Apologies for lousy photo, just to show the inside of my samgak gimbap.


  1. I have made this too when we were in beijing. My sis bought the wrappers from the korean supermart in the states. I can't find this in the korean supermarts here.

    1. Yeah me neither! But it can be found in the supermarket in Seoul, I found it in Lotte mart and it was displayed together with the regular rectangle seaweed for sushi.


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