A Cookie With No Name :p

As I ponder over what to call these guys, I wrestle between calling them Tau Sar Piah / 绿豆饼, or Mung Bean Mooncake - but they are neither! :p It may even be insulting (to tau sar piah and mooncake) to call them either, as they do not have the crispy skin of tau sar piah, and they certainly do not look like mooncakes. This is a tough one, I have made something I do not know what to call :p It's a long story how these were made, but to cut the story short, it started off with my home-made mung bean filling.

Many thanks to Siu Kitchen for sharing her many videos on how to make mooncakes online, I get to learn how to make mung bean filling for mooncakes myself. The English ingredients certainly help, as my Cantonese is really not fantastic :D I was excited to make the mung bean filling myself so I can really say I make the mooncakes from scratch. The lotus seeds filling and red bean filling I made last year failed, and I have not gathered enough courage to try again. Mung Bean fillings look easier :D I managed to make the mung bean fillings successfully. But after making the snowskin mooncakes, I still have a lot left. So I decided to make some Taiwanese Style Mooncakes without using the mooncake mould.

The texture of these are nothing like tau sar piah. Hubby said the mung bean filling is a bit dry, else, it actually tasted ok.  I may have fried the mung bean for too long. I followed the same recipe I used for my Taiwanese Style Mooncakes.

For the mung bean filling recipe, please go to Siu Kitchen's video. Here's her recipe for your convenience:

- 160g split mung beans (over here it's more commonly known as split green beans or 豆瓣)
- 40g sugar
- 10g oil (I used canola oil)
- 10g wheat flour (omitted)