Dim Sum Style

These egg tarts are really yummy. They are so good that I had to bake them two days in a row. Yesterday, I ate one and gave the rest to my mom and sis. But I can't stop thinking about how flaky the tart shell was, and how smooth the egg custard was, so I baked them again today. I devoured two egg tarts while they are still warm. These are the legendary Heimama Egg Tarts 黑妈妈祖传蛋挞. I am not sure why is it called Heimama, but I have seen this on many blogs. I first saw it on Happy Home Baking. A big thank you to the bloggers who share this recipe, as well as the original "creator" of this recipe.

You know those egg tarts commonly found at Cantonese Dim Sum restaurants? These egg tarts are pretty close to those. The crust is flaky and fragile, so handle with care when you flip them over while un-moulding them.

When I first saw this recipe on HHB, I really didn't pay attention to it. In my head I was thinking, it must be very tough to make these. I was reminded of the process of making fruit tart and I thought this would be as troublesome as that. Then, as I read through HHB's post some weeks/months later, I was inspired to bake these. And it was simpler than I had thought, and the results are surprisingly good. The toughest part for me was probably pressing the dough into the cups. I definitely don't have HHB's 巧手, so it is 好吃就好 :D I did not grease the tart moulds as advised, and I used my knuckles to knock the back of the mould to release the tart. On the other hand, those baked with the silicone cups came off very easily.

Here's the list of ingredients I used, for your easy reference. Please go to HHB's blog for the original recipe and detailed steps. As usual, her detailed steps make it very easy for me to follow :) Thanks HHB! :)

For some reason, I only managed to make 9 tarts :D

For the crust
- 150g plain flour
- 1 tbsp skimmed milk powder (available in Phoon Huat)
- 1 tbsp corn flour (original recipe uses custard powder, please read up on HHB's blog)
- 100g cold butter
- 1/2 tbsp dry demerara sugar
- 25 to 30g beaten egg
- few drops of vanilla paste

For the egg custard
- 140g water
- 55g dry demerara sugar
- 90 to 100g beaten egg
- 40g low-fat evaporated milk
- few drops of vanilla paste

I noticed the colour of the custard darkens the longer the tart is out of the oven. I am not sure why.