Matcha Chiffon Cake II

After my last "slanted" matcha chiffon cake, I had been thinking of attempting it again. As Chinese saying goes, 哪里跌倒,哪里爬起来 - literally translates to "get up from the same place you fell". Doing that should help me rebuild my confidence in chiffon cake baking :p

This time, I attempted HHB's Matcha Chiffon Cake recipe. This recipe is similar to Nami's recipe. Actually, I guess most chiffon cakes recipes are very similar. Thanks to HHB for sharing this recipe. I realized the tube pan I have is actually 16cm. Sotong me measured the bottom of the pan, which is 12.5cm. My sis bought the same pan from Phoon Huat and told me that it is a 16cm. That was how I realized :D It is difficult to find a recipe for this small pan size. For this recipe, which is for 17cm tube pan, I filled up my 16cm pan plus 2 5cm-diameter muffin cups.

The eggs I bought appeared to be smaller than usual (Seng Choon 1st Born Eggs), so I "boldly" reduced the oil to 35g :p Sticking to a chiffon cake recipe is the key to its success, that's why I said "boldly" :p Interestingly, I saw another matcha chiffon cake recipe on cookpad, which uses no oil! But I was not brave enough to try that recipe. Maybe next time. I also replaced some flour with rice flour, and the cake turned out soft :D

Please refer to HHB's blog for the original recipe.

- 80g castor sugar
- 4 egg whites
- 3 egg yolks
- 30g rice flour
- 50g top flour
- 10g matcha powder
- 35g canola oil
- 60g water

  1. Set oven to 180 degC. Using a handheld mixer, beat egg whites until white and foamy. Add about 2/3 of the sugar into the whites and continue beating until almost stiff peak.
  2. Beat egg yolk and remaining sugar until batter is pale. Add oil gradually at the same time continue beating. Add water and mix well. Sift flour and matcha into the mixture. Fold with a whisk (I find it easier to fold with a whisk) until batter appears smooth.
  3. Add 1/3 of the egg whites into the egg yolk batter. Fold with a spatula, from bottom up.
  4. Add rest of egg whites in 2 batches. Fold until batter is well mixed and smooth. Bang the mixing bowl onto the table top several times to release air trapped inside batter. Pour batter into tube pan.
  5. Bake for 30mins in preheated oven.
  6. Once baking is done, remove from oven and invert cake on an inverted mug. Leave it to cool completely before unmoulding.
my notes: 
- Oven temperature is very important in chiffon cake baking. Always preheat the oven before starting work. Use an oven thermometer.
- Always add oil and water to egg yolk + sugar mixture, before adding flour.