Matcha Chiffon Cake

This morning I baked a Matcha Chiffon Cake using Nami's recipe. Many thanks to Nami for sharing the recipe :)

My cake slid off the tube pan when I inverted it, thus you can see that the cake is a bit slanted :D I read from All That Matters that it could be due to several reasons. As I looked back to the process, I suddenly recalled that there was a major hiccup during the process: I should have added in oil and water before adding flour + baking powder + matcha. Instead, I got the order wrong and did the reverse! That could be the reason why the cake slid off the pan :p Nevertheless, the cake is moist and tasty.

Here's the list of ingredients I used based on what I had. Please refer to Nami's blog for the original recipe.

For one 12.5cm diameter tube pan (Updated: bottom of pan measured 12.5cm; top of pan is 16cm)

- 3 eggs, separate (the egg I used is between 40g and 50g)
- 75g top flour
- 3tbsp canola oil
- 4tbsp water
- 10g matcha powder
- 85g dry demerara sugar
- 2/3tsp double-acting baking powder

Please go to Nami's blog for the detailed method and video :)