Simple Birthday Cake

I baked a simple birthday cake for my sister last week. The first birthday cake I baked was for my eldest sister too, and it was my first attempt at Strawberry Shortcake. That was 2 years ago and it looks like my frosting skill has not improved at all. The lack of practice in frosting is the main reason.

There was no strawberries nor was there any Rocher at home, but fortunately there was a packet of Kong Guan "gem" biscuits at home and they came in handy for the cake decoration. For Singaporeans who are around my age, this gem biscuit brings back some fond childhood memories. This biscuit was a favorite snack when I was a child. The cake looks kind of funny but colorful :D My sisters and nieces all had a smile when they saw this cake.

As always, sponge cake and chiffon cake are my greatest challenge - I am never confident until the cake is done baking and cooling. I had wanted to follow the recipe from Cook.Bake.Love because the name of the recipe "[Easy to Succeed] Basic Sponge Cake" boosted my confidence :) But Murphy's law was at play again - I broke the second egg yolk and some yolk went into the mixing bowl with egg whites. The recipe was supposed to be a chiffon cake method. Since I didn't want to waste the eggs, I immediately transformed it to a whole-egg sponge cake recipe :p Fortunately, the cake turns out fine, although I did wonder if it was supposed to be taller than what it was.

Here's the recipe I used. Please refer to Cook.Bake.Love for the original recipe and method.

Makes one 8-inch round cake

- 4 medium eggs
- 90g castor sugar
- 40g melted butter
- 106g top flour
- 1 drop vanilla paste