3-Ingredients Cookies Made by Little Hands Part II

Just the other day, my daughter was browsing through my blog and we stumbled upon this cookie post written back in 2013. That was 2 years ago! Time really flies... "Please can we make these again, Mummy? Please.." she pleaded.

This is the 3-ingredient cookies recipe from ochikeron. Until now, I am still not very good at handling cookie dough - either it cracked or the cut dough would not come off together with the cutter :p

The icing was made using simply lemon juice and icing sugar like last time. You can decide the consistency you prefer to work with by adding the icing sugar into the lemon juice bit by bit. The chocolate icing is actually from my modeling chocolate experiment. I was doing some research on making modeling chocolate and found this video from MyCupcakeAddiction and Joy of baking's recipe very useful.

Teacher's day gift

All decorated by my little one :)
Updated on 3 September 2015:
Recipe for Modeling Chocolate, adapted from Joy of Baking
200g Hershey's semi-sweet chocolate chips
60g rice syrup (I used rice syrup bought from a Korean store)

By the way, I tried making Modeling White Chocolate using Cadbury's White Chocolate Dream bar, but it failed miserably. I am not sure if it's because I over-mixed it, or there was not enough rice syrup.