Snowskin Mooncake with Lotus Seeds Paste

Challenging homemade lotus seeds paste after 2 years. My last attempt failed miserably - the paste was not smooth at all. The blending really needs to be done longer, which was what I did this time round. The end result is: the paste is certainly not as smooth as store-bought ones, it still looks a bit dry, but tastes ok. I wonder if it's because I fried it longer than it is required? Not sure how I can make it smoother - perhaps add more oil? Or should I add maltose? Until I gather enough courage and energy to do this again, these questions remain unanswered :p If you have the answers, please do let me know :)

Big Thank You to Table for 2, Christine, and Siukitchen for sharing their recipes:
 Table for 2..... or more's Homemade Caramel Lotus Paste recipe
 Christine's recipes' Lotus Seed Puree recipe
 Siukitchen's video how on to fry lotus seeds paste

The ingredients I used:
 - 200g dried lotus seeds (without skin)
 - 100g demerera sugar
 - 100g grapeseed oil (you may need more oil as my paste was not very smooth)

After soaking the lotus seeds overnight, boil
them for an hour with water barely covering the seeds.

Puree the lotus seeds in chopper until smooth.

Lotus seeds puree ready to be fried.

After frying with oil and sugar for about 20 mins.

Updated on 6 September 2015:

Ingredients for the snowskin:
- 38g kou fen
- 40g icing sugar
- 4g grapeseed oil
- 60ml water

For matcha flavor, add:
- 1/2tsp matcha powder (matcha taste is quite light, you may want to add more)

1. Put kou fen and icing sugar in a mixing bowl. Mix together with a spatula.
2. In a separate mixing bowl or measuring cup, add water and oil.
3. Add liquid ingredients to dry, quickly mix together in ONE direction. You need to work quickly to ensure a smooth snowskin. Else, it will become a lumpy mess :p