Christmas Cupcakes - Delayed Post

Photo credits to my hubby's colleague. This is the best photo taken :p
see the melting fondant?

This is a much delayed post. Made these for my hubby's office last month but as it was 8pm when I finished decorating these cupcakes, which was too dark to take a good photo so I did not take any. I thought he would be able to take nicer photos but I guess their Christmas celebration was indoors, so the photos taken were far from ideal as well :p

This was the first time I had baked 70 cupcakes and decorated them in one day. The biggest batch I ever made was for my kid's birthday - 40 cupcakes with no decorations. I used Satin Ice Fondant to decorate most of the cupcakes. Fondant does not need refrigeration but since I used buttercream to stick the fondant to the cupcakes, I had to keep the frosted cupcakes in the fridge (dairy products can go bad if not refrigerated). I placed the cupcakes in the paper cupcake boxes, and wrapped the boxes with cling wrap before keeping them in the fridge. Unfortunately, some fondant on the cupcakes melted the next morning. There is really no other way, unless I decorate the cupcakes with the fondant only in the morning. I considered decorating in the morning but it would have been too rush. Decorating cupcakes with fondant in Singapore's kind of weather really does require a lot of planning :p

Glad to hear that they like the cupcakes. I hope the cupcakes had brought some Christmas cheers to his colleagues. The was a good challenge! Although at the end of the day, I felt like my legs were not mine anymore (after long hours of standing),  I am certainly glad to have accomplished the mission :D