Monday, January 20, 2014

CNY Peanut Cookies 2014

CNY is just 2 weeks away, and my CNY baking continues.. :)

Last year, I made peanut cookies using the recipe from Food 4 Tots. It was an interesting challenge as I learned how to make them from scratch, i.e. from dry frying the peanuts, removing skins, and so on. That was a long process. This year, I found some grounded peanut in my fridge, apparently leftover after I made muah chee sometime ago. What a breeze it was to make peanut cookies with grounded peanuts! :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Matcha Oatmeal Chocolate Chips Almond Cookies

These Matcha Rolled Oats Chocolate Chips Almond cookies (quite a mouthful hehe) are based on HHB's Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies recipe. Thanks to HHB for sharing! :) This is not the first time I've made these cookies - I've made a few times last year and one of my friends really loves it :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's time for CNY baking again! :)

Christmas & New Year are just over, and Chinese New Year is around the corner. Have you started your CNY bakes? I started my first bake this year with pineapple tarts. We spent Christmas in Hong Kong and I had been lethargic since then. By the way, I won't suggest you to go to Hong Kong during Christmas, it was way too crowded. Ended up we did not visit many places. But the Disneyland is nice, all of us had fun :)