Friday, February 28, 2014

Rice Balls / 饭团 / Onigiri

Although this photo does not look fantastic, I feel too excited to not share this recipe :D Lately, I have been busy reading up and experimenting making onigiri / rice ball / samgap gimbap. It all started as my girl has to stay back in school quite often now to attend CCA or supplementary classes. Her school moved to a temporary site this year and many of the food stalls at her school canteen have changed, which was followed by a price increase and drop in food standard. From what I gathered from her, a plate of plain white rice with one braised egg (卤蛋) costs $1. That does not sound very appetizing or healthy. Thus, the idea of packing lunch for her sparked off.

Banana Almond Chocolate Chips Muffins

This is a very easy recipe to put together. Many thanks to Carol's 自在生活 for sharing this recipe. I replaced walnuts with baked almond nuts, and added chocolate chips to appeal to my girl :)